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Charlene Liew, Malaysia

Andrianto Saputra, Indonesia

Katryne Soekoe, South Africa

I'm happy that my son enjoys going to the school. Teachers are very patient and constantly updating parents regarding each child's progress. 


Seeing my son enjoying his activities (Photos & Videos) is a bliss. This centre is also clean and practices good sanitation. 

Charlenne Ong, Malaysia

Zeny has improved a lot in her English and we noticed changes and improvement on her fine motor skills as well. We are glad that she made friends at the centre and develop skills in socializing with her peers.

It was a nervous moment for us (A new family choosing day care for our daughter who was only 3 months then) but we are glad that we made the decision & chose Precious Seeds. This centre was brand new & it is well maintained (We went in for PTA & it looked exactly the same as we first visited 2 years ago). We are also very happy with our daughter's development so far & will have no hesitation in recommending others.

Pek Ee Chen, Malaysia

My child absolutely love the environment & teachers in Precious Seeds. To me, I personally think that teachers & children ratio control is deemed important where I found it practiced in Precious Seeds. Most importantly, on how to retain the teachers. As a child, they will tend to attach to certain teachers. Frequent in changing teacher may impact a child. Luckily, throughout the 2 years here, my daughter loves to go to her centre everyday to attend her favourite teachers' classes. Precious Seeds is definitely an unregrettable  & worthiest place for full time working parents to send their children to.

PRECIOUS SEEDS has highest standards of cleanliness & show real love and care for our children. Were grateful for this peace of mind for our little boy.

Manuela Gzik, Poland

Precious Seeds is a good place for children's development. My daughter is happy to attend school and I am satisfied with my choice. I would recommend this centre to every parents. 

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